Allison Mullavey

What You Don’t Know About Allison Mullavey- Sheila MacRae’s Granddaughter

Allison Mullavey is the daughter of the late actress Meredith MacRae. Meredith MacRae was a famous movie star and a Hollywood legend that strived to build a successful career for herself. Meredith was born to parents in the entertainment industry, and it was not hard for her to pursue acting because of her parents. Unlike her parents, Allison Mullavey did not pursue a career in the entertainment industry, and she has kept her life away from the limelight. Continue reading to discover more facts about Allison.

Short Biography About Allison Mullavey

Allison Mullavey was born in 1974 to her parents, Greg Mullavey and Meredith MacRae. Allison Mullavey’s parents were actors and took care of her together. Unfortunately, after eighteen years of Allison Mullavey’s parents’ marriage, they divorced, although they remained friends. Allison was brought up by her mother and struggled with societal stereotyping.

Although Allison Mullavey was born into a family with a history of acting, she did not take the same career path as her parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, she has kept her life away from the spotlight, and it is hard to tell what she is pursuing now.

Allison Mullavey’s Mother

Meredith MacRae is the mother of Allison Mullavey, and she has remained in the hearts of her fans and close relatives even after she died in 2000. Allison’s mother was born on May 944 in Houston, Texas, where she grew up with her parents, Gordon and Sheila MacRae.

Meredith’s parents were stars in the entertainment industry as her mother was featured in famous movies like The Honeymooners and I Love Lucy. Although Meredith’s father was a Corp initially, he enrolled in acting and joined his wife.

Allison Mullavey’s mother grew up as a celebrity kid, and it was not easy, although she enjoyed massive wealth, fame, and travel. Her father was an alcoholic, and he would make headlines making her to e mocked in school.

Allison’s mother went to school and started acting from a young age, making her a famous star. She was married first in 1964 to Richard Berger, a former MGM president, but their marriage was short-lived as it lasted only four years.

After Allison’s mother’s divorce, she met Allison’s father, and after dating shortly, they married in 1969. The marriage lasted almost two decades and ended, but they were blessed with a daughter.

After Allison Mullavey’s parents’ divorce, she was raised by her mother despite the stereotyping. She raised her daughter well while maintaining her career well. In 1995, Allison’s mother married again to Phil Neal, a business executive. Allison’s mother remained married to Phil until 2000, when she died from brain cancer.

Allison Mullavey’s Father

Greg Mullavey was born on September 10, 1939, and he is the father of Allison Mullavey. Greg was an American actor who was featured in several films. Allison’s father was married once, had a daughter, and did not marry again, although he has been living with an actor, Arian Johns, since 1999.