Alan Bollea, Personal Life and Net Worth

The person today we are going to talk about died many years ago but his name is still alive. All thanks to his brother, Hulk Hogan, a former American professional wrestler, who makes Alan Bollea a celebrity.

Read this article further if you are interested to know more about Alan Bollea and his life details such as his family life, siblings, education, work, childhood, parents, love life, net worth, and all other things.

Personal life

Alan Bollea was born on 5th May 1947 in the USA to American couple Peter Bollea and Ruth Bollea. The exact birthplace of Alan Bollea is not known. Coming to the love life of Alan Bollea, he married Martha (Alfonso) Bollea. However, the marriage could not last long and they divorced in just a few years. Unfortunately, Alan Bollea could not enjoy a long and healthy life and left the world in 1986 at the age of just 38.

Parents and siblings

Alan Bollea is one of three kids of his parents Peter Bollea and Ruth Bollea. The father of Alan Bollea who was of Italian descent was a construction foreman by profession. If you talk about his mother, she was of Scottish and French descent and worked as a dance teacher apart from being a homemaker. As for their personal life, when the parents of Alan Bollea got married is not known. The only known thing about their personal life is that they had three kids including Alan Bollea. The names of his siblings are Kenneth Wheeler and Hulk Hogan.


With his marriage to Martha (Alfonso) Bollea, Alan Bollea had three kids including two daughters and one son. His son Michael Allan Bollea, popularly known as Horace Hogan, is a famous American retired wrestler. As for the daughters of Alan Bollea, there is no information available about them.

Education and profession

Since there is not much information available about the early life of Alan Bollea, his education is not known. If we talk about his profession, it is not an exception either. Alan Bollea himself never bothered to talk about it.

Reason for the popularity of Alan Bollea

Alan Bollea is mainly famous because of his brother, Hulk Hogan, who is a legendary wrestler. Besides him, the son of Alan Bollea is also a great wrestler and definitely made the name of his father proud.

Net worth of Alan Bollea

With the fact that the profession of Alan Bollea is not confirmed, how can we estimate his net worth? However, considering the lifestyle of Alan Bollea, it seems like he was active in some prestigious profession. If you talk about the net worth of his son, Horace Hogan, he is estimated to have a huge net worth of around 2 million.


Alan Bollea left the world too soon. He was only 38 years old when he took his last breath leaving his little kids behind. Alan Bollea had definitely given his son a great upbringing. Else, he would not have been able to earn such massive success in his career.