Common Alcohol Shopping Mistakes

6 Common Alcohol Shopping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In 2022, spirits dethroned the most popular beer brands in America as the most purchased kind of alcohol. While Americans continue to get more adventurous with their selections of types of alcohol, many make avoidable shopping mistakes.

If you’re buying alcohol for parties or get-togethers, there’s more to it than simply comparing beer prices. The following guide will explain how to choose the right alcoholic beverages for any occasion.

Read on to learn how to prevent 6 alcohol shopping mistakes and keep the party going.

1. Buying Too Much

You don’t want to leave your guests without anything to drink right as the night starts getting fun. However, a lot of shoppers tend to overbuy alcohol for events such as parties and weddings.

Always factor in how many guests you’ll have, how long the event will last, and the type of alcohol you plan to serve. If possible, even calculate how much each individual guest usually drinks at gatherings.

Remember that you can’t return any alcohol you purchase even if it’s unopened. That is because racketeering laws prohibit returning booze.

2. Buying The Same Bottles

You might go with popular brands for your event because you think that’s the safest way to accommodate everyone. While there’s some truth to that, it’s a boring approach and won’t spark much interest from guests.

Branch out and try new things for yourself and your guests the next time you serve alcohol. You can even buy a variety of less expensive drinks to give people a chance to find their new favorite.

3. Ignoring Flavor

Maybe you’re planning a fancy gathering and decide to choose the most expensive bottle you find. But just because it cost more doesn’t mean your guest will enjoy the flavor.

Play to your guests’ tastes and try to choose something refreshing rather than something pricey just to seem impressive. If you do go with something more lavish, try it ahead of time to make sure it fits your event.

4. Buying Based On Packaging

Just because a bottle uses flashy marketing to catch your eye doesn’t mean that it tastes good. Remember that every year brands try to update labels to appeal to customers and some put more thought into marketing than quality.

If you only consider new dazzling labels, you might miss out on delicious classics that don’t update their packaging.

5. Not Knowing Your Liquors

Don’t assume that all types of tequila are the same or that they all mix the same. The same goes for other types of liquor such as whiskies. For example, bourbon whiskey has a much sweeter flavor than scotch whiskey.

Do your research ahead of time and find out which exact types of alcohol you need for your event’s drink offerings. You can have a look at different whiskey-buying trends here to get an idea of how intricate shopping can get.

6. Passing Over the Bottom Shelf

Liquor on the bottom shelf isn’t just for those on a budget and if you ignore you might miss out on great offerings. The cheap prices don’t necessarily represent the quality of the bottles.

It usually just means that they’re more mass produced and so the store can sell them for less.

Avoiding Alcohol Shopping Mistakes

Remember this guide to avoid alcohol shopping mistakes and plan your next event’s drink menu with confidence. Try your selection beforehand if possible, don’t get hypnotized by packaging, and never count out the bottom shelf!

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