5 Best Organization Apps

5 Best Organization Apps

Let’s face it – life is busy and can be incredibly messy. Work takes a considerable chunk out of most people’s lives, not to mention handling responsibilities such as children, bills, a spouse, and your own needs. It can be easy to forget essential chores or duties while juggling so many demands on your time, and sometimes it seems impossible to carve out a little free time for entertainment and relaxation.

Thankfully, some apps can help organize different aspects of your life, saving time while ensuring that all vital tasks are accomplished efficiently and on time. There are even software options that can help you manage your hobbies and interests to make the most of your precious free time. 

Here are some of the best apps for organizing your life: 

1. Carrot

For many people, procrastination is a monkey that rests on your back, weighing you down and preventing you from accomplishing the things you want and need to do. There are so many distractions and other more tempting activities, so you put them off until you either forget about them or all your procrastinated duties pile up into an overwhelming mess. 

Carrot is a simplified to-do checklist that embraces gamification and positive and negative reinforcement to encourage you to complete your tasks. First, as you accomplish goals on your checklist, you earn points that allow you to level up. Leveling up unlocks different benefits, including valuable features such as rearranging items on your list or mini-games. 

As you accomplish more tasks, Carrot begins to take on a greater personality, and interactions change and evolve based on how well you have satisfied the app. With six moods that depend mainly on how much you accomplish (or not), the app will either dangle a carrot in front of you with rewards or beat you with the stick, criticizing you shamelessly for your laziness. 

Carrot is $2.99 at the Apple Store.

2. Calendly

Calendly is an excellent app to automate the entire process if you regularly schedule meetings or events with clients or friends while ensuring that you remember a scheduled event through helpful notifications. It has several tiers of features at different prices, beginning at $8 per month annually per user or a flat $10 monthly fee. However, there is a useful free feature as well, which is suitable for many users.

The app is simplistic and easy to understand. The main idea is that you prepare a calendar of availability and share a link with those who wish to meet you for an event. The invitee can select whatever time fits their schedule and schedule an appointment with you, simplifying everything in a way that necessitates very little communication. Calendly will remind you before events occur so that you will remember. 

3. Cozi Family Organizer

Family life can be chaotic, with members needing to be at other places at different times and having their chores and responsibilities that can make it challenging to keep track of everything. 

Cozi consolidates family events with a visual calendar with options to assign color-coded dots to designate each family member involved or responsible for the scheduled event. This is a great way to establish chores and responsibilities and know where everyone will be and what they must do. Even better, the app allows each family member to synchronize the calendar so that everyone can view and update the information. 

In addition, Cozi allows you to keep shopping lists, create to-do lists, store recipes, and plan meals. All of these features – for FREE. 

4. MyPlate Calorie Counter

Healthy eating can be challenging to coordinate because it can take a lot of time and effort to manage a net deficit in calories to lose weight. Unless you have a treadmill for your desk, you aren’t really burning any excess calories during the workday. MyPlate Calorie Counter makes it easy to maintain, organize and track calories through access to a massive nutritional database that makes it easy to scan foods or do a quick check to discover and record how many calories you eat during a given day.

There are also a variety of charts and analytical information about your eating habits to help you learn and improve your diet, and it can even offer you suggestions for healthy meals in line with your personal goals. They also offer free meal plans designed by health professionals to take the guesswork out of your meal plan.

However, this app is not free. It comes with a $9.99 monthly subscription fee, with options for extended purchase periods at reduced monthly costs.  

5. Friday

For those wanting to get the most out of their days and improve productivity, it’s hard to go wrong with Friday. The app functions like a personal homepage for your life, allowing you to customize it to your tastes. Some widgets will enable you to make posts, set goals and milestones, view your calendar, and set daily tasks, which you can then break down into manageable parts. 

One of the best features is that it is an excellent visual map of your day, making it easy and fun to organize and accomplish the things you need to do. The attractive interface will inspire you to be productive and make the Friday app a daily part of your life. 

The attractive interface makes keeping a detailed list of work and personal goals easy, including scheduled reminders for events and tasks you need to accomplish. It also allows you to collaborate with others on projects and perform team chats.

Friday is free, although there is a paid version with additional features for $8 a month per user.

The Bottom Line

Organizational apps can improve your quality of life, allowing you to remember important events and increase your productivity so that you have more time for the things you love. 

While these 5 options can each serve a purpose to help you accomplish your goals, every person is different; fortunately, there are many other organization apps designed to make life easier and increase productivity. If these selections do not fit your personality or needs, a little research and experimentation will surely lead you to software that can revolutionize your life.