4 Benefits of Using an Automatic Car Wash

4 Benefits of Using an Automatic Car Wash

According to the International Carwash Association, there are around 62,750 car washes in the U.S. The reason the numbers are so high has to do with demand. And demand for carwashes is higher because an automatic car wash has so many benefits.

Read on to learn about five of the benefits that an automatic car wash can offer your vehicle car.

1. Save Time 

Between work, doing house chores, and spending time with friends, how much time do you have? You likely don’t have a lot of time to spare. It may be best if you save some of your spare moments by taking care of certain household chores faster.

Car Washes Are Faster 

It can take you a good fifteen minutes to get your car clean. An automatic car wash cleans your car in a few minutes. Choosing the automatic car wash can help you save time.

2. Automatic Car Wash Frequency

With nearly 63,000 car wash facilities in the U.S., you can easily find one close to your home. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of driving around until you find the closest car wash.

One in Every City 

Whether you’re in Pittsburgh, Chicago, Houston, or another American city, you should find a car wash minutes away. Speaking of Pittsburgh, we know of a car wash that residents there might love. Learn more on drakescarwash.com.

3. Environmentally Friendly 

These days, many types of car washes are making efforts to be eco-friendly. Things have gotten to the point where getting an automatic vehicle wash is more eco-friendly than hand washing. Here’s why.

Recycling Water 

Most automatic car washes recycle the water they use. The water goes through a filtration process after a vehicle wash uses it. After the filtration, the washer can use it again.

Less Pollution 

Most people wash their cars with soap on their driveways. The soap they use washes down into the sewers and pollutes the environment.

This doesn’t happen with automatic car washes. The filtration process separates the soap from the water. The workers then properly dispose of the soap.

4. Better Results 

Humans are not machines. And there are many things that machines can do better than humans. Automatic car wash machines clean cars better than humans.

Less Damage 

Hand-washing your car causes more damage than letting an automatic vehicle wash handle it. For one thing, the particles in rags and sponges can scratch up your car’s finish. You may also apply too much pressure.

Automatic car wash machines use the same amount of pressure throughout a wash. They also don’t use rags and sponges.

Missing Areas 

How certain are you that you won’t miss areas of your car? Car wash machines are far more precise. They won’t miss areas like humans can.

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An automatic car wash is the superior vehicle wash option. If you want to do what’s best for your car, choose an automatic wash instead.

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