AC Maintenance Tips You Can

4 AC Maintenance Tips You Can’t Live Without This Summer

Did you know that AC systems can last 20-30 years? The age of your HVAC system may be longer than you think. Scheduling AC maintenance with a professional is essential to save on energy bills, keep your house cool, and prolong the lifespan of your system.

AC maintenance and service deals can help to keep your costs under control. Read on for AC maintenance tips that you’ll want to remember before the hotter months hit.

1. Clean Or Replace the Air Filters

Cleaning or replacing the air filters is one of the most important AC unit maintenance tips you can’t live without this summer and all year round. Air filters not only help to keep your air clean by trapping dust, pollen, and other allergens. They also help to keep your AC running efficiently which helps reduce your energy costs.

Depending on the type of air filter and the condition of the environment, air filters should be checked monthly and replaced at least every 3 months.

2. Clear the Outdoor Unit

One of the most important maintenance tips is to clear the outdoor unit of debris. Your AC unit may be plugged up with leaves, dirt, and other debris that can act as insulation and prevent proper airflow.

With not enough airflow, your AC unit may overheat and cause more serious damage. Taking the time to get out a broom and clear away any debris from around the unit and coil fins will help ensure your air conditioning unit is running efficiently all summer long.

3. Check And Clean The Coils

Having clean coils on an air conditioning system will help ensure your air conditioner works at optimal efficiency. To check and clean the coils, turn your air conditioning system off and identify the exterior condenser coils. Shut off any power that is supplied to the unit, then use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt, or leaves that have accumulated on the coils.

Make sure you’re using a soft brush, as a harder bristled brush might cause damage to the coils. If you find the coils dirty, use a no-rinse-required cleaner to remove the dirt and buildup. Cleaning your coils every three to four months this summer will help your air conditioner stay running optimally and save you money in the long run.

4. Schedule for a Professional AC Maintenance

Scheduling professional AC maintenance is critical to finding optimal cooling help during the hotter months. Regular maintenance checks will help keep your AC up and running while alerting you to any serious damages or repairs required.

Summer maintenance checks will also help to keep the AC clear of allergens, ensuring the quality of air output and overall system efficiency. Professional maintenance services can also help you save money on AC running costs by providing expert advice on your cooling equipment.

If you find that your air filter requires more frequent replacement, then it is a good idea to follow the page for air con servicing maintenance. This will ensure your AC is running optimally and with fewer repairs. With professional maintenance, you can rest assured your AC is well-maintained.

Keep Your AC Unit In Optimal Condition

AC maintenance can help make your summer more comfortable. Regularly replace filters, clean outdoor units, and check for air leaks to keep your AC healthy and energy efficient. Don’t forget to call a professional for yearly servicing and tune-ups to keep your air conditioning running problem free.

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